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Visit us on Tuesdays from 10 AM–2 PM (sometimes later) or by appointment. Open for business and research every Tuesday.

Please note:

Our Quarterly meeting will be on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 2 to 4 pm.

Old Campbell County Courthouse (East Broad and Cole Street in historic Fairburn, Georgia)

Program by Mr. Jim Scott and Company (check back for more details)

Upcoming events

Campbellton Festival, April 30 from 2–5. Check back here for more details.

Courthouse tours

We welcome visitors to the old courthouse, whether you are a researcher, historian, or someone who loves to see old buildings. Just let us know ahead of time, especially if you have four or more people in your group.

OCCHS wants to hear from its members who are musicians, or from those who know musicians, particularly of the folk-music and folk-instrument variety.

We are looking for people to perform at a quarterly meeting.

Pay is exactly what you would expect from a non-profit historical group: nothing! But volunteering is its own reward, and you'll have fun and meet nice people who appreciate your talents.

Contact us at askocchs@yahoo.com if you have questions.


From our collection

several mules eating from trough. Man and boy taking care of them.

An image from a series of rare photos in the Old Campbell County Courthouse. This and many other historical pictures and artifacts are part of the OCCHS archives and are available to researchers and genealogists and historians.

If you haven't visited the courthouse and its one-of-a-kind research room, please take the time to drop by for a visit. We are here almost every Tuesday.

Quarterly meeting: If you have a suggestion about future meetings or about possible speakers, topics, or anything else, please let us know. We need your input. Email us at askocchs@yahoo.com, or do it the old-fashioned way with a letter to:

PO Box 463
Fairburn GA 30213

Contact OCCHS by email, or call 678 850-6506


Become famous:
We're looking for any and all stories about Campbell County, hog killin', turkey hunting, rabbit boxes, grandpa's snoring, and other tales from your past. If you don't tell your stories, they will one day be gone forever.


Email your stories to askocchs@yahoo.com, or use the old method my mailing to PO Box 463, Fairburn 30213.

Great opportunity to improve your research skills and help others:

If you are interested in becoming an OCCHS Tuesday volunteer (hours 10–3) please contact OCCHS by email. On the plus side:

  • Learn more about genealogy and how to research
  • Meet new people who may have data that you need
  • Help others with their brick-wall family tree problems
  • Share your stories with other genealogy fans
  • Become involved with community history
  • Help OCCHS help others


On the minus side:

  • Nothing we can think of.

Things to do, things to know:

Make it your goal to find at least one person you can help with their family tree, whether it's showing them how to use a computer program or how to use the facilities at OCCHS. Every person you help is a new friend and potential new member.

Dedicate yourself to contacting an ancestor you've never spoken with to share family data. You never know what you may discover.


We still need a copy of the Campbell County official seal. If you have any documents showing the seal, please let us know.



South Fulton Historical Trail movie available again

Best-selling DVD is re-released by OCCHS for limited time.

Professionally recorded and labeled, comes in protective plastic case.

$6.50 at courthouse on Tuesdays from 10AM-2PM.

By mail, $10.25 (includes shipping and packaging). Make check payable to OCCHS, indicate for SF-DVD and how many and where they are to be shipped.

Send funds and info to OCCHS PO BOX 463, Fairburn 30213. They will be shipped every Tuesday.


President Sid Brown. askocchs@yahoo.com or res. 678 850-6506,

Who are we?

The Old Campbell County Historical Society (OCCHS) invites you to help us preserve the history of our community. If you live in the area that was once Campbell County, the history is part of the place where you reside. And you are now a part of tomorrow's history. We invite you to help us preserve the facts and artifacts of the past.

Front of old courthouse building with four white columns and two staircases. Trees in front yard.
OCCHS was formed in 1970 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the historic Campbell County Courthouse and the documents, images, artifacts, and information that are part of our county. The Courthouse in Fairburn is now the home of this society and houses the OCCHS museum which tells the story of Campbell County.

OCCHS has a Research Room in the Campbell County Courthouse which is staffed by volunteers. The museum and research room are open on Tuesdays from 10 AM to 2 PM (sometimes later) or by appointment. For more information about using the research facility or viewing the museum, please contact:

Sidney (Sid) Brown: President: 678 850-6506 (mobile phone)

OCCHS is a non-profit organization which depends solely on membership dues, donations and any money received from special events. The operation of the museum and research center depends entirely on volunteers. Your tax deductible contributions are always appreciated!

Ask a question or make a suggestion

If you have a question about old Campbell County's history or people, send an email to askocchs@yahoo.com. We'll ask our research staff and historians to try to send you an answer.

Quarterly meeting: If you have a suggestion about future meetings or about possible speakers, topics, or anything else, please let us know. We need your input. Email us at askocchs@yahoo.com, or do it the old-fashioned way with a letter to:

PO Box 463
Fairburn GA 30213