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M. P. Harvey store, circa 1885

This photograph is a restored version of a picture in our collection. It is one of many historic photographs that show the life and times of people in Campbell County in the 19th century. The people are very aware of the photographer and his camera. For some, it may be be their first photograph—and maybe their last. The man with the crutches is possibly a veteran of the Civil War. The little girl on the right is looking toward her mother, who is barely visible as a blurred figure on the right.


Historic figures of Campbell County

Dionysius Virgil Stephens was born in Campbell County in 1833. He and his descendents lived in the area and later migrated to Atlanta and East Point (Black Hall District). He was a man of many trades, including being an ordained Baptist minister late in his life. He was instrumental in establishing several churches in the area, including The Rock Baptist Church.

D. V. Stephens was married three times. He died in 1918.



Original building: The Rock Baptist Church in Fairburn, Georgia (circa 2010)

(left) D. V. Stephens studio portrait

(right) The original building for The Rock Baptist Church in Fairburn, Georgia (circa 2010). The old building sits in the woods near the newer building.